Top Cutter & Rock Wheel

High production, open cut trenchers, for all utility and construction work, including gas, water, electric, fibre networks and telecommunications.

The top cutter is used in areas where there are existing services in the roads and footpaths and where a limited trench depth is required. The top cutter also replaces the need for the slow, old fashioned, conventional open cut trench tools such as, the Diamond Saw and the Hydraulic Hammer.

The top cutter ‘arisings’ can be used as ‘fine fill’, thus recycling is part of the cost benefit.

There are two variants when it comes to top cutter hire, firstly you have the top cutter which digs the trench leaving the milled materials behind – ideal if you require the site to be safe until you are ready to excavate.

The second option is the top cutter which digs the trench leaving the excavated materials on either side of the trench – ideal if you either want to put the duct/cable directly into the trench, or leave an open trench ready for you to ‘bottom off’ the trench with a mini digger and find buried services in a safe manor.

The top cutter is designed to work in all road paving materials including; asphalt, concrete and reinforced concrete. The top cutter has full dust skirting and water suppression jets so that close quarter working in busy city streets is safe.

The top cutter is a powerful version of a milling machine, the only difference is that it can go wider and deeper than a standard planer. Both of these have a rotating drum laced with tungsten carbide milling picks working inside a high yield steel cover.

Minimum Width: 175mm, Maximum Width: 600mm, Minimum Depth: Ground, Maximum Depth: 750mm