Mole Plough

Battersby Construction’s fleet of Mole Ploughing Services provides the perfect solution for laying of multiple tubing, from 160mm diameter pipe down to the smallest optical fibre.

We run a  Vermeer RTX 1250i2 and a Toro RT1200 Moleplough along with a Remote Control operated Vermeer PTX 40 Moleplough – all these machines run on tracks meaning minimal disruption to the ground.

Moleploughing is the most economic method for laying cables or ducting. Using the Moleplough you are able to simultaneously install a number of cables or pipes, including their hazard-warning tapes, accomplishing high daily performances. A trench is not produced, so there is no backfilling or disposal of spoil.

Full off-set ploughing is possible to reduce the risk of verge disruption.